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Tuned Collector Oscillator: Basics, Circuit operation, Application and how it Work?


The tuned collector oscillator is a basic type of oscillator. Firstly we are going to understand what is tuned collector oscillator and how it work? The tuned collector oscillator converts the DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current). The oscillator is use for generation of sinusoidal wave, television and radio transmitter, CLK signals that control the quartz clocks and computers.


Tuned Collector Oscillator

The function of all different type of oscillator is same for generating continuous undamed output wave. But the main difference of oscillator lies in the method by the energy which is supplied to the tank circuit to meet up the losses. The common types of transistor oscillators mainly include tuned collector oscillator, Hartley oscillator, Colpitt’s oscillator, phase shift oscillator, Wein bridge oscillator and a crystal oscillator etc.

The tune collector oscillator is one of the simplest types of LC oscillator. It has a tune circuit consisting of inductor and capacitor and transistor to amplify the signal. The inductor and capacitor are store the energy in form of magnetic flux and electrostatic respectively. The tank circuit is connected to collector behaves like a load at resonance and decides the oscillator frequency.

What is a Tuned Collector Oscillator?

One of the simplest and basic types of oscillator is tune collector oscillator. It has LC tune, this tune circuit is connected to collector of transistor. it behaves like a simple resistive load at resonance and inductor and capacitor decides oscillator frequency. This oscillator is use in to generate sinusoidal wave, TV, counter, frequency demodulators, mixers, etc.

Tuned Collector Oscillator Circuit Diagram

The figure show circuit diagram of tune collector oscillator. That consist of transformer and the capacitor is connected to the collector side of the transistor. The oscillator here produces a sine wave. The transistor is bias by the voltage divider resistance R1 and R2. 2 is the bypass capacitor for resistor R2. The Re is an emitter resistor which provides thermal stability. Ce is used to bypass the amplified ac oscillations and is the emitter bypass capacitor. The primary of the transformer, L1 along with capacitor C1 forms the tank circuit.


Working of Tuned Collector Oscillator

Let us understand the working of tune collector oscillator, in this oscillator the transistor alter the 180 degree phase shift of input and tune circuit will also provide the 180 degree of phase shift then total phase shift will be 360 degree of 0 degree. The transformer provide positive feedback circuit and transistor amplify output signal.

When the power supply is ON the capacitor start charging. When capacitor fully charged, it starts discharge through inductor L1. The energy in capacitor is electrostatic energy form. After fully charge capacitor it starts discharging through inductor L1 in from of electromagnetic energy. Once the capacitor fully discharges, the inductor starts charging the capacitor again. This is because inductors do not the current through them change quickly and hence it will change the polarity across itself and keep the current flowing in the same direction. The capacitor starts again charging in same manner. The charge polarities of capacitor are change periodically and hence we can get an output.

The coil L2 gets charged through electromagnetic induction and feeds this to the transistor. The transistor do own work, amplify the input signal, which is taken as the output. Part of the output is fed back to the system. The positive feedback is essential for oscillator because it sustained the oscillator output.

The output frequency is dependent on inductor and capacitor value and the frequency is:-


F = Frequency of the oscillation.
L1 = value of the inductance of primary of the transformer L1.
C1 = value of capacitance of capacitor C1.

Application of tuned collector

  1. It is use in to generate sinusoidal and cosine wave.
  2. It is use in radio receiver and transmitter
  3. It is use in different type of frequency generator.

People also ask

Which oscillators are tuned oscillators?

The oscillator is electronics circuit that produces continuously sinusoidal output with positive feedback. In tune type of oscillator the tune circuit like inductor and capacitor.

Types of Tuned Circuit Oscillators

The oscillator are widely use in radio transmission and receiver. The LC oscillators are divided into following categories.

Tuned base Oscillator – Tune base oscillator use inductive feedback.

Hartley Oscillator – It have inductive feedback.

Colpitts Oscillator − It have capacitive feedback.

Clapp Oscillator − It have capacitive feedback.

What are the examples of tuned frequency oscillator?

The oscillator are use to generate sinusoidal wave with positive feedback circuit the example of tune frequency oscillator is Colpitts oscillator.

What is tuned base oscillator?

The oscillator can be made by using various type of component when we use inductor and capacitor is called tune base oscillator. The tune oscillator is also called Armstrong oscillator

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