Electronics engineering is also Electronics and communication engineering is an electrical engineering discipline. Which are utilizing the active and non-liner element. Especially in electronics engineering, we deals with electron in semiconductor (diode and transistor), vacuum tube and gas tube etc. it is a subfield within electrical engineering.

What are Electronics and communication engineering (ECE) jobs and Career Opportunities Engineering?


The electronics engineering curved digital, analog, consumer, embedded systems and power electronics. Most of the people have electronics engineering degree and find jobs absorbing. Electronics engineering is a full of creativity. The working area of electronics engineering is designing, making, running, and servicing things that people need.

Relationship to electrical engineering

Electronic is the subfield of electrical engineering academic subject. There are some difference in between electrical and electronics engineering. The difference is that electrical engineer work in high voltage and electronics engineer work low voltage. This is the major difference in between electrical and electronics engineering.

Electronic engineering fields

When someone asks a question: What is electronics engineering? It is necessary to understand that, In electronics engineering has many subfield like control engineering, instrumentation engineering, Digital engineering, Analog engineering, Signal and system engineering, Communication engineering, Software engineering, Programmable logic engineering, Digital development engineering, Radio frequency engineering

Subfield of electronics engineering

  • Digital engineering,
  • Analog engineering,
  • Signal and system engineering,
  • Communication engineering,
  • Software engineering,
  • Programmable logic engineering,
  • Digital development engineering,
  • Radio frequency engineering


  • Digital engineering – Digital engineering is come under the electronics engineering. In this engineering we only study on the digital signal related information. The digital signals are these signal in which is discrete in nature.
  • Analog engineering – The analog signal is those signal are in which has continuous in nature. The examples of analog signal are amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation and ETC.



A photodiode is a special type of PN junction diode in the light energy are converted into an electric current or that generate the eclectic current when light exposed known as photodiode, it has also called photo-detector or photo-sensor and light detector. It is design to operate in reverse bias region. The material uses for photodiode construction are Germanium Silicon Indium and gallium arsenide.




A resistance is an electrical component and the resistors in series are controls the flow of electric voltage in an electrical circuit. Also we can use to control the voltage or specific voltage to operate the some sensitive device, which is damage by over electrical voltage. The current through the resistor is directly proportion to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance. When we said the resistance in series connection it means they are connected to daisy chained together in straight line with common current flow in straight line.



Triac is semiconductor devices that are mostly used in AC power control circuit. They can switch and control high level of current and high level of voltage, and over both parts of an alternating current (AC) waveform because once turned “ON” TRAIC it conduct in both direction allowing alternating voltage to passes completely in both the positive and negative cycle. The triac circuit is use in verity of application where the power switching is needed. It used in dimmer for domestic lighting, motor, heaters and many other power control situations including electronic switches.


Zener Diode


Zener diode is slightly different from conventional diode. the Zener diode is heavily doped diode as compare with normal diode. And this is use in reverse bias. When reverses voltage reach certain level at which junction brakes down and the current flows in the reverse direction and other word Breakdown voltage at Zener start conduction in reverse direction, this phenomena is called Zener effect, The Zener diode is mostly use in voltage regulator circuit.

Half Wave Rectifier – Circuit Diagram, Operation and Its Applications


A Half wave rectifier is a simplest type of rectifier or first stage of rectifier that required only one PN junction diode for construction. While full wave rectifier use more than one PN junction diode. The use of rectifier is to convert alternating current (AC) to pulsating direct current (DC). Here we will full study of rectifier.

what is schottky Diode


Schottky diode have a very fast switching speed with a low forward voltage drop. the Schottky diode a slightly differ from the conventional diode, because Schottky diode has low forward voltage to the conventional silicon PN-junction diode.

What is Slew Rate

What is slew rate of operational amplifier? In this article we are going to study of what is slew rate of operational amplifier and contrast it to the concept of bandwidth.

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